What We Do

We ensure your computer is fully free of all infections, parasites, and running to it’s best ability. As well as a full list of all repairs, software installations, hardware replacements, interior dust removal to ensure cooler running temperatures, and much more!

Tune Ups
Our complete in depth tune ups consist of many procedures to ensure your computer is all clean of Malware, Spyware, Viruses, Junk Files, Trojans, Ransomeware, and all other areas that can slow down performance, cause freeze-ups, slow boot time, and poor internet surfing experience. 

  • Complete disk clean up – Removal of all unneeded files that use up disk space.
  • Registry clean up – Scan and repair of registry errors that can cause system issues. As well as registry clean up which gets rid of invalid registry entries.
  • Malware Removal – Scan and remove all malware infections which include all known potentially unwanted programs, trojans, and all other parasites that are unintentionally installed.
  • Virus Removal – Scan and removal of all virus infections using well known trusted antivirus software.
  • Windows Updates – We ensure all current windows updates are installed which provides the best security and compatibility for all your programs.
  • Speed Up Boot Time – After a while installing different programs, causes many applications to automatically load during boot up process. We turn off all unneeded start up programs which makes for a much faster boot up time. With too many programs set to load during boot up, your system will boot slowly and run sluggish. This procedure makes boot up time much faster and improves overall performance.
  • Defragmentation – After a while your computers programs and files become fragmented and cause programs to open slower. Defragmentation collects all bits and pieces of each program and places them closer together so that response time is quicker. Overall performance can be affected if your hard drive is fragmented too much. Most new operating systems run defrag automatically, but at times it may be necessary to defrag manually.
    .Included Special – With every in depth tune up, we also add a new folder to your desktop that contains shortcuts to newly installed maintenance programs which we install for free to help you keep your computer clean.  Included also is a detailed explanation on how to run these programs. Running these programs every couple weeks or so will ensure your computer is free of infections and running to it’s best ability.
  • Free Support – All tune ups include a lifetime of free computer support.
  • Dust Cleaning – Every tune up includes a thorough cleaning of accumulated dust and dirt that may be built up inside your computer and laptop. Clogged CPU fans and system fans cause over heating and slower performance.

Hardware Replacement
Diagnose, repair, replace of all hardware including hard drives, ram, DVD drives, keyboards, screens, and all other computer or laptop hardware. 

  • Hard Drives – Installations of new hard drives on all computers and laptops. Including operating system installations, operating system upgrades, diagnose and repair damaged or corrupted hard drives, as well as hard drive data retrieval and much more.
  • Replace / Increase RAM – Replacement of faulty ram modules and upgrade ram to maximize computer speed.
  • DVD Drives – Repair and replace faulty DVD/CD ROM drives in desktops and laptops.
  • Keyboards – Replace all laptop keyboards.
  • Screens – Replace all laptop LCD/LED Screens that may have been damaged.
  • PCI / AGP Cards –  Installation and replacements of all cards such as video cards, sound cards, network cards, etc.

Software Installations
Installs of software such as Microsoft Office, browsers, flash player, adobe reader, antivirus security, malware protection, and much more.

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